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Glen Adair, Blue Collar & SingleHanded

Glen's passion for music started as a child and progressed to playing small town halls in bands when he was around 15 years of age. This progressed to playing throughout Saskatchewan into Alberta, Manitoba an the N.W.T. He has played a wide range of music but early influences were rock 'n' roll.

In the past few years he spent time as a recording artist, writing music and playing guitar for others in the studio. Most recently he completed his own CD, a 14 song effort consisting of all original material. He has never stopped working in bands from the seventies to the present, however most recently has concentrated on not only his original music, but also on Blue Collar and developing his own single act which is called 'Single Handed'.

Blue Collar

Blue Collar's present line up was created in 2004 with Laurie Currie-drums/vocals, Hugh Mitchell-bass/vocals and Glen Adair-guitar/vocals. The band has played extensively throughout central Saskatchewan at casinos, bars, cabarets, private parties and even wedding dances.

This is a group of very experienced musicians and offers a variety of classic rock tunes with a sprinkling country. Their set list is made up of very dance-able material and features tight vocal harmonies and strong musicianship on their respective instruments.


Glen also performs as a single using backing tracks that he has recorded in his studio. His sound is very full and he handles all the lead guitar and vocal work live.


The Buzz

"It was an excellent time and people have asked if we could do it again. Our friend visiting from Tisdale could not believe the great music. Thanks a million!" -Couteau Resort Community Club

SingleHanded Live

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