Glen Adair
Trying to Have a Life  
Glen Adair - Trying to Have a Life

1. Empty
2. Image
3. Find A Way
4. One Step
5. Is This What Happens
6. Live With That
7. Better
8. Trying to Have a Life
9. Somethings
10. Lead On
11. Sanctuary
12. We Go On
13. One Door Opens
14. The Distance

This CD features 14 original works. Adair says that it seems that once the music started emerging it didn't seem to want to stop. The majority of the album was written within the span of a year. He already has nearly another album of songs in the can ready for his next project. The process has become easier now that he has completed his home studio. He says, "It's small, but it's all mine." He calls it Claustrophobic Studios.

The Buzz

"Thank’s to Glen for playing July 1st. We received lots of compliments about him and they want to see him again next year!" -Outlook Recreation Director

Glen Adair - 'Empty'

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