Glen Adair
Glen Adair

Glen Adair

Glen Adair's new album is a testament to the fact that his love of music has never wavered.

Adair is no stranger to the recording studio and has played on numerous albums. “Trying to Have a Life” however is the first time he has taken the spotlight, featuring not only his music and lyrics, but also playing the majority of the instruments. Delivering strong vocals and solid musicianship, it is a stellar effort for his first solo project.

Blue Collar

Blue Collar is Classic Rock and Country performed by Glen and veteran musicians that’s perfect for many kinds of venues. The years of experience shows as this outfit rips though your favorite tunes!


Glen also performs as a solo artist using backing tracks he has recorded in his studio. Singlehanded has a sound that is very full, yet not computerized and features Glen handling all the lead guitar and vocal work live.

SingleHanded Live

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"Glen is very talented, a true professional. Great tunes enjoyed by all. We would highly recommend him! " -Uniglobe Travel


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